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Multimedia uses a combination of different content forms such as audio, compact disc,
video and interactive content. Find the Bible your looking for in the format you want.

Electronic Holman Bible Dictionary-Pocket

Electronic Holman Bible Dictionary-Pocket Size 
Binding: Plastic Products
Subject: Biblical Reference
ISBN: 1590742222
UPC: 084793994784
ISBN13: 9781590742228

Why carry your bulky reference tools in a cart when a nifty little cartridge will do! Instant search of the entire Holman Bible Dictionary 

  • Built-in NIV Bible for cross-referencing 
  • 5-line display with interactive touch keys 
  • PC serial port connectivity 
  • Expansion slot 
  • 100-entry address/phone number databank 
  • Clock 
  • Calculator 
  • Size: 5.5" x 3.5" 
1590742222  Plastic Product $79.99