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Multimedia uses a combination of different content forms such as audio, compact disc,
video and interactive content. Find the Bible your looking for in the format you want.

Go Bible Traveler KJV

ISBN13: 9781427639301
ISBN: 1427639302
Vendor Name: The Go Bible LLC
Release Date: November 02, 2012

Category: Bibles
Sub Category: Electronic Device
Language: English
Translation: New International
Color: Full Color

The GoBible Traveler „ is a hand-held, portable, dedicated device preloaded with the entire audio version of the Christian Bible. The GoBible Traveler does not interact with a PC; all of its content, over 70 hours of audio, has been downloaded onto the device. This is an audio device only. The GoBible Traveler's interactive on-screen menu allows the user to easily scroll through the Old and New Testaments and select the book and chapter where the user wants to begin play. Additionally, the user has the option of following the GoBible Traveler's "Bible-in-a-Year" plan for listening to the entire Bible in 365 days. Lastly, the GoBible Traveler can support 36 Bookmarks so the user can mark their favorite chapters or where they left off listening. Presently, the GoBible Traveler „ is offered in English in the KJV as read by Alexander Scourby or The New International Versionread by Charles Taylor. The Nueva Version Internacional narrated by Rafael Cruz is also available for Spanish speaking listeners.