Hayford's Electronic Spirit-Filled Life Library
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Hayford's Electronic Spirit-Filled Life Library

Hayford's Electronic Spirit-Filled Life Library The best-selling spirit-filled life family of products from pastor Jack Hayford


  • Includes the best-selling line of Spirit-Filled Life resources
  • Includes many best-selling Nelson reference and Bible study resources: dictionaries, multiple Bible translations, commentaries, cross-references, back-ground information, theology, maps, word studies, and more
  • Offers unlimited, instant expandability and complete compatibility with Nelson's Electronic Bible Reference Bible library and the Logos Library System
  • Special audio files include Pastor Jack's sermons and answers to the most difficult questions Christians face, and the stories and hymns that are part of his life
  • Includes many additional unlock-able resources

From one of America 5 most trusted Bible teachers. Hayford's Electronic Spirit-Filled Life Library,  provides the most comprehensive selection of Charismatic/ Pentecostal Bible study resources available. You'll find up-to-date scholarship and Spirit-filled insights for every book of the Bible, plus the strong emphasis on practical life application for which Pastor Hayford is known.

This dynamic electronic library includes the complete text of the Spirit-Filled Life Bible, Hayford's Bible Handbook,  Spirit-Filled Life Bible for Students, all of the best selling Spirit-Filled Life Bible Discovery Guides, and Kingdom Dynamics Study Guides, the power to become Series, and the Beauty of a library of reference works of by Pastor reference works personally selected Hayford.

Remarkably user-friendly, this electronic library allows you to work easily and quickly between different resources and experience a deeper, more rewarding study of God's Word.

This library is completely compatible with Nelson's Electronic Bible Reference Bible"' and the highly acclaimed Logos Library System"' (LLS) software that allows you to update your reference collection with additional volumes as your needs change.

No other collection is such a powerful tool for personal study and spiritual growth.