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Providing the spoken Word of God in audio Bible Compact disc with high quality stereo. The popular King James Version audio Bible dramatized with background music and a multitude of actor and actresses. You can get the audio Bible on cassettes also with award winning narrators to brings the Bible to life. Click here to access foreign language New testaments audio cassettes.

Audio Compact Disc The Bible in a number of formats ranging from simple audio, or dramatized, perhaps you prefer the reading against a gentle background of music enhancement and the deep warmth and emotion of your favorite narrators. These inspiring audio readings of the Bible allows you to savor and think about the depth of what's being said, taught, or described. 

Audio Bible Cassettes The best-selling book of all time disposal whenever you want to listen! International Bibles offers audio bibles in cassette, in several different versions, King James Version, New American Standard Version, New King James Version, and We also offer audio Bibles in foreign languages. We feel certain we can accommodate you with the audio  Bible in the translation of your choice. 

Family Movies and Bible DVDs for Wholesome Entertainment.

Complete Bibles on DVD  brings even more exciting features to the Bible on DVD that is used by millions of people every day.

With a superb Tony-Award-winning cast, inspirational music, dramatic sound effects, and enhanced with digital sound, this beautifully narrated Bible creates an unforgettable multimedia experience.

Electronic Devices Franklin and Holman produces Digital Bibles, concordances and other powerful electronic Bible pocket applications that are available. Daily devotionals and there's still a few of the Franklin Bible book cards available

Biblical Software CD-Rom Biblical Studies Computer Software many types of Application Software. QuickVerse Mobile Deluxe Edition lets you enjoy multiple complete Bible translations, a full commentary, Bible dictionary, devotional, and over 100 reading plans. It provides an abundance of content, incredible search features, and eye pleasing display all at a great price! 

VHS This high-quality videotape is a compilation of many of the nation's most disciplined and creative drill teams. Presented in an entertaining format, by watching this video, viewers will learn more about drill team conduct and protocol. This video gleans the best of many, many years of drill team experience from teams across the nation.

Samuel Montoya Narrator MP3 Spanish Bible 

Audio Bible MP3 Media Listen to the worlds words of the Bible read by the best narrators of the Bible many internationally known and award winners for narration as they brings out the richness of the word of God; bringing to life its divinely inspired truth in a sincere, compelling manner that can add new depth and dimensions to the listeners understanding



International Audio New Testaments

Foreign Language Audio New Testament, Translations of the New Testaments on Cassettes Foreign Language Audio Testaments: You may have All foreign language audio New testament cassette volumes are recorded on high quality VRX magnetic tape