Communion Bread and Communion Wafers

communion Bread | Unleavened Bread

Communion bread: Three types; communion wafers, soft bread (leaves no crumbs), and the traditional communion bread. These are inexpensive unleavened breads made with flour and vegetable shortening. They are baked and ready to serve. A box contains enough small uniform pieces to serve from 500-1000 persons.

Also providing the portable Communion Bread holders


Traditional Communion Bread Inexpensive unleavened bread. Comes baked--ready to serve. Packaged in a zip-lock plastic bag that can be closed to keep unused bread fresh. A box contains enough small uniform pieces to serve approximately 500 persons.
9780805470840 $8.49
Soft Communion Bread Soft Communion Bread (Box of 500) 
A new unleavened bread that is soft in texture and crumb-free. Sealed for freshness. 500 count box. 
9780805470864 $8.49
Communion wafers Communion wafers for churches that prefer the round communion wafer at the Communion service. Made of white unleavened bread, these plain round wafers measure 1 1/8 inches across (slightly larger than a quarter). Packaged in cellophane tubes.
9780805470857 $18.49

Communion Bread Holder
9780805468922 $2.50


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