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Welfare Ministry

Welfare Ministry
Ellen G. White

Price: US $12.99

Hardcover Book 349 pages
Review & Herald Publishing
ISBN: 0828012407

Spirit of prophecy instruction in the delicate work of reaching hearts and winning souls through neighborly kindness.

This is a type of soul-winning ministry with which many Seventh-day Adventists are but casually acquaintedyet a work is ordained of God as the most appropriate means of bringing Christ and Christianity to the attention of the peoples of the world. It is a work that promises rich rewards.


The Divine Philosophy of Suffering and Poverty
God's Program for His Church
The New Testament Pattern
Neighborhood Evangelism
Relieving Suffering Humanity
The Dorcas Movement in the Church
The Poor
The Unfortunate
The Outcasts
Financial Resources for Welfare Work
The Fruitage of Welfare Ministry
0828012407 Paperback white $12.99



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