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Haitian Bible -
Haitian Creole New Testament & Psalms

Haitian New Testament and Psalms.

Haitian NT and Psalms.

Haitian Bible- Haitian Creole New Testament & psalms is a good idea for everyone one will be doing missionary work in that part of the Dominican Republic. After all, Haitian Creole is the language they have lived with all of their lives. The Gospel will be more perfectly understood if could read in the Haitian Creole's language.  

A former French colony, Haiti became the first independent black republic and the only nation ever to form from a successful slave revolt. Haiti became the second non-native country in the Americas (after the United States) to declare its independence on January 1, 1804.

There are several worth while advantages in using the Bible Haitian Creole:  

  • The Haitian people can appreciate your bringing the Gospel in a language they understand rather than in an unknown tongue.

  • You, as God's agent will better appreciate the cultural and religious experience and your efforts will be more readily accepted.

  • The disciples will gain a greater understanding of the message you bring they learn through their Haitian bible 

  • It shows respect for the culture as the Gospel is brought to them in Haitian Creole. 

  • As in English and other languages meaningful expressions and idioms found in each language, so in Haitian Creole there are meaningful expressions and idioms found which will be greatly appreciated in the Haitian Creole Bible. It is the the core of being more vibrant in their native language. 

  • Finally, when reading the Haitian Creole Bible, Gods speaking is clearer to them as He speaks Haitian.

Haitian Creole Bible

Haitian Bible HC

Haitian Creole Bible
Creole Bible (V)



104033 [ISBN 1-58516-270-1] Popular Version.  Maps, word list and illustrations Paperbound  (5 X  7)  ABS $9.99
112643 [ISBN 1-58516-072-5] Popular Version.   Bible introductions, section headings, references and maps.  HC $34.99
  121664 Haitian Creole Bible Vinyl (out of Stock) 32.99