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Bible Study Books Important to Serious Bible Study

Bible Atlas: If you are reading the Bible and read that Jesus walked from Bethany to Jerusalem, but you can't picture that journey in your mind, you need a Bible Atlas. A BIBLE ATLAS is a book of maps, charts, and illustrations that will help you navigate the geography of the Old and New Testament stories. International Bibles has a good selection of these volumes. Click HERE to access them.

Bible Concordances: If you know what you are looking for but do not know where to find it in the Bible, you need a concordance. That is an alphabetical index of names, passages, phrases, key words, and the like, showing the chapters and verses where they can be found in the Bible. International bible offer a wide selection Bible Concordances Click HERE to access them

Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical books

Apocryphal/ Deuterocanonical books For more than a thousand years, the keepers of the Holy Bible only allowed believers to access and read the Old and New Testaments. Thanks to AMAZING archeological discoveries of the 1800's and 1900's, NOW you can read the texts that weren't included in the original Canon. International Bibles offer this Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical literature. click HERE to Access them.

Bible Commentaries: Every reader, student, and presenter of the Bible needs a COMMENTARY in their library. A commentary is a reference book, written to explain the message of The Holy Bible. COMMENTARIES explain the events of history, traditions, and personal experiences that provide context to help a reader understand the nuance of various messages contained in the stories of The Holy Bible. They are a major help to study, and help Biblical readers at every level understand the Holy writings of the Bible.

International Bibles provide and ample selection Bible Commentaries from various persuasions click HERE for access

 Biblical dictionary and Bible dictionaries

Bible Dictionary's:  If your studying your Bible and you come upon a word, and you know what the word is, but, you don't know what it means, then you need a Bible Dictionary.

Good Bible dictionaries will help you understand the biblical meaning and use of words used in the Bible. They go further because they will also provide etymologies, pronunciations and other information on Bible words. Dictionaries are very helpful when your doing Biblical word studies.

International Bibles offers an ample selection of well chosen Bible Dictionaries - click HERE for access.

Bible Handbooks for specialized for unique service.

handbooks: handbooks are specialized for unique

Handbooks will also lead beginners into greater appreciation and understanding a chosen discipline. A handbooks is brief but organized presentation of its wisdom. The appropriate handbook is like a cheat sheet to fit you for special occasions in a hurry and a resource that is used to answer basic recurring question on the subject! They are generally compact and easy to carry, therefore the name handy book shortened to handbook. International Bibles offers the essential handbooks. Click HERE to access them

Bible Lexicons

Bible Lexicon: - Confused by a word you've read or heard read from the Bible? Curious about the evolution of a particular word or concept? Are you involved in a discussion with someone that has come down to the definition or origin of a particular word? A LEXICON may be a very useful tool in each of these situations. Lexicons are reference books that deal with the etymology--the history of the linguistic form, of all of the words in the Bible. LEXICONS describe the original language in which the word appears, and the various forms it has taken throughout its spoken and written existence. Considered for many years a tool for the "serious" Bible student, YOU need a lexicon in YOUR library.  International Bibles offers an ample selection click HERE for access

International Bibles, foreign language translation of the Bible and New Testaments.

International Bibles: provides popular foreign language Bibles and New Testaments. These International Bibles provides the Gospel in a foreign language translation to enable our growing and diverse culture, to read the Gospel in the language they really understand, their own! Surprise a friend with a foreign language translation, or recommend us.
International Bibles offers the Bible and New Testament in about sixty different foreign Languages click HERE for access